The benefits of pallet stacking with MaxiLoad

Benefits during transport

Reduced transport costs

With MaxiLoad you achieve considerable savings on storage and transport costs. You transport more pallets at the same time, in fact up to 300% more. The experiences of our clients tell us that you will save more than 30% on your transport costs.

CO2 reduction

MaxiLoad reduces the CO2 emissions of your transport by more than 30% on average. These considerably lower emissions have a significant positive effect on your carbon footprint. With more load per transport movement, MaxiLoad makes a highly relevant contribution to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your business or organisation.

Simplified logistics

Due to the higher payload of your means of transport you require fewer transport movements, simplifying the logistics processes in your organisation.

Quick loading and unloading

Pallet stacking with MaxiLoad is easy to prepare in the logistics centre. Your lorries will be loaded up quickly, as the loading and unloading time for a MaxiLoad

is the same as for an individual pallet. This means considerably lower loading and unloading times per pallet. 

Reduced transport damage

MaxiLoad offers additional protection to the goods in transit. Due to the pallet protection you reduce the chance of transport damage.


Benefits in your warehouse

Turn your m² into an m3

You will make better use of your warehouse space. Every pallet location has space for several pallets when you use MaxiLoad. It turns your square metre of warehouse space into a cubic metre.

Each pallet is accessible

If two pallets are stacked on top of each other on the MaxiLoad in the warehouse racks, your employees can collect goods from the bottom pallet without any difficulties.

Financial benefits

Low costs

The lease price for MaxiLoad is extremely low and you start earning straightaway.

Flexible leasing

Our lease contracts are extremely flexible and can be terminated on a daily basis. Our lease contracts are concise, transparent and practical.

No investment required

The extremely attractive lease construction means you do not need to invest a penny to use MaxiLoad. Using MaxiLoad will not be at the expense of your liquidity. You have increased returns straightaway.

No modifications required

You optimise transport and storage efficiency without having to invest in modifications to your warehouse or your lorries.

Where can you make savings?

Talk with MaxiLoad to discover your best load layout by using MaxiLoad. We are pretty experienced in where and how to achieve savings. It goes without saying that we would be pleased to share that knowledge and expertise with you.

Ask for advice without obligation