From m² to m³ in storing and transporting pallets with MaxiLoad

Maxiload turns square metres into cubic metres. When you store and transport pallets you will transport more pallets with the same m² by stacking. MaxiLoad makes non-stackable pallets stackable by using a stable metal construction. MaxiLoad is easy to use, economical and profitable.

What is MaxiLoad?

The MaxiLoad pallet-stacking system consists of a set of four L profiles with crossbars and a ratchet strap. These three components are easy to fix to a loaded pallet in order to stack one or two more pallets on top. It takes no more than two minutes.

Stacking any type of pallet

MaxiLoad is ideal for transporting and storing all types of pallet loads:

  • Low-loaded pallets
  • Mixed pallets
  • Part-loaded pallets
  • Fully loaded pallets

Transport efficiency

  • Higher payload
  • Reduced mileage, driving time, number of lorries and fuel consumption
  • Reduced damage to goods
  • Reduced impact on the environment

Storage efficiency

  • More compact order pick locations
  • Fewer internal transport movements
  • Shorter loading and unloading times
  • Reduced shipping floor surface
  • Can be used to prevent temporary overflow of warehouses
  • Absorb seasonal effects
  • Temporary capacity increase

Characteristics of the MaxiLoad pallet-stacking system

  • Goods protection, e.g. ADR and HACCP
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Supported weight maximum 500 kg
  • Patented worldwide
  • TÜV certified
  • CE certified
  • Fraunhofer certified

MaxiLoad storage system

If you don't need your MaxiLoad temporarily, it is very easy to put away. There is one type of storage system for disassembled MaxiLoads. This storage system takes up just one EPAL pallet location.

Your employees will be able to stack up to 9 MaxiLoads and take them down without difficulties. The MaxiLoad storage systems can be placed crossways or lengthways in a lorry. The storage system stacks to ensure it takes up little space.

Where can you make savings?

Talk with MaxiLoad to discover your best load layout by using MaxiLoad. We are pretty experienced in where and how to achieve savings. It goes without saying that we would be pleased to share that knowledge and expertise with you.

Ask for advice without obligation